MAGA Stars Ashley StClair and Savanah Hernandez Assaulted by Crazed Leftists

StClair and Hernandez were both assaulted last week by pro-impeachment protesters for daring to support President Donald Trump.

Ashley StClair, dressed in a “Make America Great Again” hoodie, visited a pro-impeachment protest in Colorado Springs last week.

StClair held a sign that read, “Trump Won. Get Over It!!!!”

She was groped and pushed by an old man, and hit in the face by an old woman. The story made the news in Colorado.

“I want everyone to have the right to protest peacefully without being met with violence and vulgarities and this is one of the most important rights,” said StClair. “I should be able to voice my opinion without being in fear for my life.”

St.Clair filed police reports against the pro-impeachment protesters who assaulted her.

“To the idiots from last night: Assaulting me doesn’t take my vote away & you can bet your sorry asses that myself and the rest of America will be re-electing Donald Trump,” tweeted StClair. “Again, if anybody has any information leading to the identities of the two individuals who assaulted me, please contact CSPD.”

St. Clair reported she was “hit in the face, followed, harassed, called white trash, a white supremacist, and every other name in the book,” and was told “I bet you want Trump to grab you by the p***y.”

MAGA Meetup Las Vegas co-founder Courtney Holland wrote in support of StClair, tweeting “She has every right to peacefully protest just like any American does. No one, no matter your politics, should ever be physically assaulted when exercising their right to free speech.”

Infowars reporter Savanah Hernandez was also assaulted by a pro-impeachment protester in Austin, Texas last week.

“I was attacked when a protester got upset because she couldn’t find facts on Google to back up her fake Trump-rape allegations,” reported Hernandez.

The pro-impeachment protester attacked Hernandez, then shouted “I’m pregnant.”

Hernandez reported the woman who attacked her has been identified and reported to the police.

With the Democrat impeachment failing to gain traction in Congress, pro-impeachment protesters have turned noticeably violent.

StClair wrote that the screaming protesters “hate that we are a Constitutional Republic & don’t follow mob rule.”

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Clint Whitney