Mike Cernovich Calls Out Andrew Yang For Defending China

Cernovich stated that Andrew Yang standing for China was a new low for him.

  • During Thursday night’s Democrat debate Andrew Yang was asked about the threat China poses to the U.S.
  • Yang responded by saying he thinks Russia’s Facebook trolls are a bigger threat to the U.S.
  • Author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich questioned how much money China was paying Yang to overlook China’s human rights abuses.

During Thursday night’s Democratic Party presidential debate the subject of China and the trade war came up. Andrew Yang, who was mostly ignored in the debate, was asked if he thought the U.S and China trade wars were more important than the threat coming from Russia. Yang claimed Russia is the greatest geopolitical threat. He disagrees with President Trump’s trade war with China.

This did not sit well with a lot of people on Twitter including author (Gorilla Mindset) and filmaker (Hoaxed, Blood Money) Mike Cernovich, who questioned how much money China had paid Yang to defend their human rights abuses. Cernovich added that it is time for Yang to release his tax records and business contacts.

China has come under scrutiny as horror stories keep appearing about the human rights abuses taking place. China is currently detaining an estimated one to two million Uighur Muslims. China claims they are only detaining the Uighur Muslims as “counter extremism measures”

Andrew Yang had piqued the interest of many who thought he might demonstrate a stark contrast from the run-of-the-mills Democrats running, but after Thursday night’s debate performance that interest might be waning. Only time will tell but as more and more news reports come out about what is actually happening in these “detainment” camps (The Ugly Truth About Organ Harvesting) anyone defending China on any level probably will not be the next Democratic nominee for president.

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Yvonne Burton