An Evolved Mike Cernovich Sits Down with The Rubin Report After Three Years

Mike Cernovich joins Dave Rubin for a deep discussion about his work and his current bouts in the culture war.

  • Mike Cernovich went on the Rubin Report to open up about his past controversies, media smear campaigns, and online censorship.
  • Cernovich and Dave Rubin discuss the way media selectively edits their own words from interviews and live-streams.
  • As predicted during the interview, obsessive troll’s later manipulated the episode to mock their discussion.

“The social media companies aren’t regulating behavior, they’re regulating ideas.”

– Mike Cernovich

On Tuesday, Cernovich joined Dave Rubin for a much anticipated interview in which he discussed the new direction he’s taking with his work and how the media manipulated his live-streams to demonize him.

Rubin begins the interview by asking Cernovich about his past controversies and responding to the Twitter “verified trolls” who were outraged that the Rubin Report was hosting Cernovich. One in particular claimed that Cernovich was a “serial rapist”, an allegation against Cernovich stemming from a false rape accusation that he was the victim of in college. Mike clarified that he’s been open about that issue in the past and also possesses no criminal record on the matter.

One of Cernovich’s obsessive troll’s is proud enough to document “all the terrible things [Cernovich] does” but ironically pushed the debunked narrative that the Covington students were harassing Native American’s at the Lincoln Memorial. Cernovich alludes to the troll’s history of harassing his Twitter and smearing his wife and infant daughter.

The same irony can be found in the support behind Desmond is Amazing, the 11 year old drag queen who made headlines earlier this year. Rubin mentions during the interview that the left is “lauding” this 11-year-old drag queen that “guys are throwing dollar bills at in a bar”, but demonizing a 14-year-old girl for “making edgy jokes on YouTube”.

Rubin and Cernovich continue to speak on the censorship of pro-Trump influencers and the opinion of some conservatives that the government shouldn’t interfere in private tech policies. While tech companies like Facebook are concerned with the growth of foreign propaganda on their platform in the aftermath of the 2016 election, they’re interfering in future elections by limiting the outreach of conservative media and activists.

Cernovich argues that big tech is abusing the value of these users, citing Joe Rogan and Pewdiepie as examples, by trying to restrain their content despite these popular icons building the network of the platform for years. This was also heavily promoted by YouTube in order to increase ad revenue. These “natural monopolies” in big tech, referencing the way YouTube monopolized video streaming, are abusing the growth brought on by these users.

You can watch the full interview here to learn more about Cernovich’s past battles and his argument against big tech censorship.

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Justin Mapp

Justin Mapp is a culture critic and writer for Culttture and previously a freelance national security correspondent.