Mike Cernovich: Half a Million Followers and Counting

Author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich's success has many wondering if he has become "too big to ignore."

Mike Cernovich, author and filmmaker, just hit half a million followers on Twitter this week.

Not bad for a guy corporate media either ignores or tries to smack with hit pieces that never seem to stick.

Love him or hate him, one would have to agree with his wife Shauna Gee, Mike is “too big too ignore.”

So how did Cernovich get to this point?

Cernovich is the author of the popular book Gorilla Mindset. He also produced the acclaimed documentary Hoaxed, which reveals the truth behind fake news and the idea that all media is narrative. Cernovich next put out Blood Money, a groundbreaking documentary exposing the story of Qatar’s hold over Washington, D.C.

Cernovich has also been the driving force behind popular events like A Night for Freedom and The Deploraball.

Mike Cernovich is currently at 501,000 followers – and might be on the way to one million. We here at Culttture wish him all the best and will be there to mark the next big milestone.

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Yvonne Burton