Mike Cernovich Nominates Ali Alexender for White House Communications Department

Between puffs on his cigar, Cernovich untangles a web of denial and recommends a winning strategy for the White House.

  • Mike Cernovich took phone calls about President Trump’s re-opening of the Government after the shutdown.
  • One caller took issue with Cernovich’s criticism of the President.
  • Between puffs on his cigar, Cernovich led the caller through the logical inconsistencies of his argument.
  • Cernovich suggests President Trump hire Ali Alexander for Wihte House Communications Director.

Periscope gold: In one of the more authentic interactions you’ll find in modern media, Mike Cernovich fields calls about President Trump’s decision to re-open the government despite failing to gain funding for the wall.

After dissuading a caller on the merits of his argument, Cernovich names Ali Alexander as the ideal candidate to run White House Communications.

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Michael Clark