Mike Cernovich Raising Funds to Expose Secret Sexual Harassment Settlements in Congress

"Unseal the Deals" seeks to uncover sexual abuse lawsuits settled in secret and paid for with your tax dollars

  • Fresh off the heels of Jeffrey Epstein‘s arrest following Mike Cernovich‘s legal victory to retrieve the records in his case, Cernovich is moving on to exposing another high level cover up.
  • “Unseal The Deals” is Cernovich’s effort to retrieve the records of sexual harassment cases against members of Congress that have been secretly settled with taxpayer funds.
  • Media entrepreneur Jeff Giesea has promised to match dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 for the Go Fund Me page Cernovich started to expose these secret congressional settlements.

With the surprising arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges recently, journalist Mike Cernovich isn’t taking a victory lap. Instead, he’s starting another challenge to see if we can shine some light on the more than 250 sexual harassment lawsuits that have been settled using public funds. This is a cause worth fighting for, as these women don’t pay for a sexual harassment attorney just to be offered a settlement made up by their own tax dollars.

Current law protects these sexual harassment settlements and keeps them hidden in a vault. Former Congressman John Conyers was forced to resign after Cernovich obtained information about one of these secret settlements where Conyers paid to keep his actions secret.

When Cernovich filed the first lawsuit to unseal the Epstein files, few were talking about it. Everyone is talking about Epstein now.

What are the odds everyone will be talking about Congressional leaders and sexual harassment scandals settled in secret courts using taxpayer dollars in the not so distant future? Banking on Cernovich’s points on the board, those odds are looking pretty good.

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Yvonne Burton