Mike Cernovich Talks Marketing With Ali Alexander on New Podcast

On Mindset Squared, Cernovich and real estate investor Mike Bolen discussed marketing and politics with Ali Alexander.

The most recent episode of Mindset Squared, the new podcast featuring author Mike Cernovich and real estate investor Mike Bolen, featured Culttture publisher Ali Alexander for a discussion on marketing and politics.

Alexander is a longtime political consultant, and shared some knowledge about his trade.

“You have to go with the data. Do a little TV, do a little radio, do a little direct mail, do some digital, see where the bang for your buck is,” said Alexander, who added that TV and direct mail are 70% of “voter contact” budgets for campaigns.

Asked about the value of money in a campaign, Alexander revealed that “Momentum is more powerful than money.”

Alexander also discussed the potential for Cernovich to run for Congress, including his ability to speak to young people about student loan debt and home ownership.

On another recent episode of Mindset Squared, Cernovich revealed some techniques behind his writing method. Cernovich is the author of the bestseller Gorilla Mindset, and is set to release a follow up called Audacity.

“With nonfiction you just write everyday. Half an hour to one hour just essays, and then the essays become a book,” said Cernovich. “You don’t write a book, no one writes a book, you write a bunch of pages and then you organize and pull the pages together.”

Cernovich also spoke of the need for an author to dig deep and find what’s true about himself in the writing process.

“To hit the highest levels you do have to bleed on the page,” said Cernovich.

On another recent episode of Mindset Squared, Mike Bolen shared what it takes to be successful in real estate.

“You’ve got a $100,000 property, it has to make a $1000,” said Bolen, speaking on long-term rental home properties. “One percent a month, if you deviate from that, you will go broke.”

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Andrew Meyer