Mike Cernovich’s Q&A Offers Insight on the Mind of the Headline Making Journalist

What makes Mike Cernovich a unique presence on social media? His Twitter Q&A reveals much about his popularity - and his character.

Mike Cernovich has carved out a social media presence that is unlike any other, and has earned a following on Twitter approaching half a million followers.

One of the things that Cernovich excels at is engagement with his audience, and frequent Twitter Q&As highlight his willingness to devote time and attention to developing this relationship.

Among the aspects setting Mike Cernovich apart from many other notable personalities is the diversity of subjects through which his fascination and expertise extends.

The response below helps to illuminate the strategic and thoughtful approach to a life lived almost entirely in the public eye for the past several years.

Cernovich answered a question on who his favorite MMA fighter of all time is. Considering Fedor Emelianenko’s trademark style of calm destruction by way of brutal knockout, he seems a fitting choice for Mike Cernovich.

The Jeffrey Epstein case is an example of the type of knockout which, though not delivered by a fist or shin, allows for comparisons to be drawn to Cernovich. Mike’s involvement in the case elicited many questions.

It would also appear that the floodgates are open, and the public’s interest in shady dealings in the halls of power has been piqued.

Few people have drawn more criticism, valid or otherwise, than Cernovich. Given the constant haranguing and attempts to lure him into compromising himself, it is something of a marvel that Mike has neutralized so many of the efforts.

If Epstein was a knockout, then the Tweet below highlights the calm with which it was delivered, and illuminates a key to surviving the heat of the spotlight.

Though somewhat less on display in recent months in what is likely a move to respect the power of his now massive platform, Mike’s biting sense of humor still makes an impact in his tweets.

Another part of the appeal of a man like Mike Cernovich is that he is not easily placed inside any social or political box.

His response to the question about his political orientation stepped outside of the standard frame, and his juxtaposition of two issues that break the standard narrative reveals the complexity of his thinking.

When asked about his next moves, he gave two responses further underlining his divergence from the well-worn paths of narrowly focused political journalism and social activism.

While writing this piece, I put my headphones on and listened to Above & Beyond. Listening to Mike’s favorite band seemed a fitting connection to make while offering insights into the man’s life.

From enthusiastic and bombastic troll, to media renegade, to health and fitness enthusiast, Mike Cernovich has continued to evolve and expand his public influence.

Above & Beyond indeed.

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