MRE Packaging Strangely Resembles Trump and Ye

Do you see the time travelers?
  • The military’s no stranger to the Meal-Ready-to-Eat (MRE’s), field rations in use by the US Armed Forces since 1981 when it replaced the MCI.
  • A popular defense newspaper reported on a Reddit thread which found that two soldiers on the MRE’s packaging sleeve resembled Donald Trump and Kanye West conversing near their stacked rifles.
  • Trump and West have been close friends for some time before the President’s inauguration and after. West has voiced his support for Trump’s administration on many occasions.
  • The troops can rest easy sharing their ‘five star buffet‘ with the Commander-in-chief on social media.

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Justin Mapp

Justin Mapp is a culture critic and writer for Culttture and previously a freelance national security correspondent.


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