NBC, The View, Daily Beast All Defame Ali Alexander for Tweeting Kamala Harris’s Ethnicity

After Alexander attended the White House's Social Media Summit, corporate news employees formed an angry mob against him.

Prominent conservative Ali Alexander went viral for sharing the truth about Kamala Harris‘s ethnicity. Harris falsely claimed the history of African-Americans, but descends from a mother from India and a Jamaican father whose family owned slaves.

Over the weekend, corporate media again slandered and libeled Alexander for sharing the truth about Harris, after Alexander attended President Trump’s Social Media Summit.

NBC’s Kristen Welker falsely claimed Alexander pushed a “false conspiracy that Harris was not an American black.” Welker cited as fact in her report information from the SPLC, which is currently being sued by Gavin McInnes for falsely labeling him violent and racist. Several members of the SPLC have left or been fired from the organization in the wake of the lawsuit.

Welker is perhaps best known for glaring at journalist Mike Cernovich when he asked the White House press corps why they failed to cover left wing violence committed by groups like Antifa.

On ABC’s The View, former Jeb Bush supporter Ana Navarro made the false claim that Alexander made a “birther-style tweet about Harris,” and Sunny Hostin falsely claimed Alexander said Harris “is not black enough.”

“I expect you to retract your lie, @Sunny or I’ll explore legal options against you,” Alexander tweeted. “Your lies have caused death threats and damages.”

Neither The View nor NBC’s Welker mentioned that Alexander is African-American. Both ABC and NBC also failed to ask Alexander for comment.

Between Meghan McCain and Navarro, The View’s panelists have been talking about Alexander for weeks, with Navarro calling him a “bigot” while ignoring his African-American identity, and McCain doing the same while throwing around words like “unquestionably racist.”

Finally, a corporate media blog called The Daily Beast known for doxxing and faking photos of Trump supporters also defamed Alexander.

The Daily Beast’s Molly Jong-Fast called Alexander “the guy who started a birther-like smear campaign about Kamala Harris.”

Alexander has never questioned Harris’s birthplace.

“Don Lemon said it first. Every Black person knows what I tweeted during the debate,” Alexander tweeted to Jong-Fast. “It wasn’t some vast right wing conspiracy. Calm down, nappy ginger.”

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Andrew Meyer