Orthodox Jews Thank Mike Cernovich for Standing Up for Community After Attacks

As the corporate media was largely silent on the attacks, independent journalist Mike Cernovich was one of the first to share the news.

Over the last several weeks, many violent and deadly attacks have been perpetrated against the Orthodox Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey.

As the attacks were happening, the corporate media was largely silent on the epidemic, while independent journalist Mike Cernovich was often one of the first to report the stories.

Many Orthodox Jews thanked Cernovich for his efforts to expose the attacks on Orthodox Jews that corporate media refused to report on.

“Thank you Mike!! MSM pretends these attacks on my community aren’t happening because they don’t fit the ‘white supremacy’ narrative,” wrote @TrumpJew on Twitter. “Orthodox Jews are conservative (89% support Trump) so they don’t give a damn.”

“You are the ONLY one on Twitter who EVER posted a story on antisemitism that I sent them,” wrote @Zwetchkenstiel.

“I had to defend @Cernovich from being called a Nazi by someone who actually downplayed the attack today. Mike was the first to report this attack & brings light to the anti-semitic crisis Jews face everyday in NY the Media is absolutely silent maybe they’re the Nazis,” wrote Mark Kennedy.

OAN host Jack Posobiec was also thanked by @TrumpJew.

“Ask yourself why my WhatsApp goes off whenever there is an anti-Semitic attack in New York and New Jersey,” wrote Cernovich. “Jews know not to go to you or other liberals in the media, because you won’t report the story. I pray for the day these terrorist attacks on American soil stop.”

Cernovich also shared tweets from Orthodox Jewish reporters like Jake Turx and Yossi Gestetner, who pointed out that the corporate media chooses not to report on attacks on Jews when they can’t blame guns or white Americans.

When the corporate media did cover the attacks, they often still attempted to blame President Donald Trump or “white supremacy,” even though Orthodox Jews roundly support Trump and none of the recent attacks have been committed by a white person.

Cernovich also pointed out that the same corporate media that failed to report on the attacks on Orthodox Jews also knew of those attacks – because they stalk Cernovich’s Twitter account.

When Ron Coleman, an Orthodox Jewish attorney, pointed out the barriers in New York City to Jews arming themselves with guns for self-defense, Cernovich quickly offered strategies to pressure NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio to allow more concealed carry permits.

“I’ve immediately called for mass protests yesterday but never thought about guns this is actually genius,” wrote Mark Kennedy. “Headline ‘Democrats deny Jews in NY self defense’ Time to take matters in our own hand!!!”

Cernovich also helped galvanize the growing effort to arm New York’s Orthodox Jewish community, sharing @TrumpJew’s effort to organize a protest.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which purports to track hate crimes, failed to even tweet a mention of the latest violent attack on New York’s Orthodox Jews.

“I abhor all of the violence and will always report on attacks and sound the alarm. What’s happening isn’t bad tweets or shitty jokes,” wrote Cernovich. “It’s true anti Semitic violence against our orthodox and Hasidic friends. And we will do what we can to stop it.”

Perhaps most presciently, Cernovich has recognized that attacks on people of faith are largely being committed by the political left.

Yesterday, a Christian church was attacked in Texas, with two shot dead, and Cernovich spoke up for the church as well.

“Last night, an attack in a rabbi’s home. Today, an attack in a Christian church,” wrote Cernovich. “The Satanic left is united in its hatred of all those who practice faith.”

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Andrew Meyer