PayPal Already Banned Laura Loomer, Now She Says They Are Holding Her Money

Loomer said she is being prevented from transferring her PayPal funds

PayPal recently banned Laura Loomer because her “values aren’t their values.” Today, Loomer announced PayPal is holding on to her money.

“Not only did @paypal ban me because my ‘values aren’t their values’, but now they are holding my remaining funds hostage,” Loomer wrote on Instagram. “They aren’t allowing me to transfer the remaining $554.07 to my bank account after telling me I could. This is theft. PayPal is now stealing money from Trump supporters. #StopTheBias

Culttture will be following this story to see if PayPal returns Loomer’s funds.

Loomer is currently working on an investigation into Rep. “Jihad” Ilhan Omar with Culttture editorial director Ali Alexander and Jacob Wohl. Loomer was banned by Twitter for calling out anti-Semitic comments made by Omar, and other big tech companies including Venmo, Medium and GoFundMe followed suit and banned her shortly after.

You can support Loomer’s investigation into Omar here.

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Yvonne Burton