Philanthropist Bill Pulte and His Wife Are in Labor, and Of Course He’s Tweeting!

Mr. and Mrs. Pulte are using the good news of the birth of their child to help fundraise for a baby in need of a new heart.

UPDATE: Baby Pulte is born!

Philanthropist Bill Pulte‘s wife is in labor delivering their child, and naturally, the popular founder of #TwitterPhilanthropy is tweeting about it.

“Mrs. Pulte is in labor with Baby Pulte,” Bill Pulte tweeted, and to the amazement of many, Mrs. Pulte encourages her husband’s tweeting!

“Even when she is in labor, Mrs. Pulte is telling me to HELP OTHER FAMILIES. She is an amazing woman!” wrote Pulte.

“How amazing to think of others when your delivering a human,” wrote @SuperLiz19 on Twitter.

Mr. and Mrs. Pulte are expecting a baby girl.

Supporters of Pulte asked if they could give Baby Pulte a gift, and in characteristic fashion, Bill Pulte asked his supporters to share with others, asking people to send their gifts instead to a baby who needs a new heart.

Teammates of Team Pulte met the challenge.

Even in childbirth, Bill and Mrs. Pulte found a way to use the attention to help others.

Pulte’s works of charity have included donating $30,000 to a veteran, paying for a Baltimore student’s private tuition, fundraising for the family of a 9-year-old girl tragically killed, and giving away over $100,000 on Twitter to families that need help.

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Clint Whitney