PRISON STATE: China Now Using Facial Recognition for Payment

The new payment method combined with the dystopian "social credit" score may lock dissenters out of the economy - and Americans should take notice.

China is pioneering a new way to pay – just look at the camera.

In the video below, a Chinese customer pays with nothing more than a look into a computer camera.

In the Black Mirror world of communist China, it’s likely the government intends to disable people with bad “social credit” scores from being able to purchase anything.

Low “social credit” scores in China have already prevented millions of people from being able to book plane and train tickets.

The disturbing reports of how China is using its “social credit” score also include preventing people from getting care at a hospital.

Free thinkers would be wise to pay attention to what is happening in China. U.S. banks and corporations have proven they are willing to cater to far left narratives that demonize conservative and independent dissenters, effectively creating a bankrupt social credit score that carries penalties from corporate America. Journalist Laura Loomer has been banned from PayPal, Uber, Venmo, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, and GoFundMe.

This dystopian reality may explain why U.S. banks have been pushing the “War on Cash.”

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Yvonne Burton