R.E.M. Asks Twitter to Remove Carpe Donktum Meme Tweeted by Trump; Update: Twitter Disables Trump Video

Twitter disables CarpeDonktum meme video at the request of R.E.M. copyright holder.

Sometimes, everybody hurts.
  • Earlier today President Trump pinned CarpeDonktum‘s State of the Union Meme to his twitter page.
  • After, the tweet garnered 38K Retweets and 120K Likes, R.E.M.‘s publisher reached out to Twitter to have it removed.

CNBC Reports: “A lawyer for Universal Music Publishing Group reached out to the president’s preferred social media platform asking that the video be removed, said a source familiar with the situation, who asked to remain anonymous.

The clip, which was first posted by another Twitter user and runs more than two minutes in length, plays audio from R.E.M.’s early-’90s hit single “Everybody Hurts” over excerpts from Trump’s Feb. 5 State of the Union address.”

When asked about the request, Carpe told Culttture, “I knew they would be. He’s been @ ing me all afternoon.” The meme magician added, “I think we have made up now.”

Earlier in the Day, after disparaging President Trump and Carpe with foul language, verified twitter user Mike Mills called on Jack Dorsey to remove the President’s tweet, garnering thousands of comments and an epic ratio.

As of 10:08 PM EST the tweet remains on The President’s Twitter page.

Update: February 15 10:53 PM EST the video has been disabled.

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Michael Clark



  1. Why didn’t they go after the original content creator if it was over the use of their music? Trump didn’t create the video. Is there any significance to that?