Roland Martin: CJ Pearson “Gonna Get His A** Whooped” If We Debate

Pearson fired back, "It amazes me that a man with so much bravado is so fearful of a 16 year old boy.”

  • On Thursday, outspoken young conservative CJ Pearson tweeted at ex-CNN contributor Roland Martin, pointing out he and his Democrat party’s typical unwillingness to debate.
  • Friday, Martin posted a video to his web series Roland Martin Unfiltered, where he responded to Pearson by saying “when you come to grown folk’s business, you’re going to get treated like a grown up. When you get your a** whooped, don’t start whining like a little kid.”
  • Pearson answered with a challenge to debate.

After years of back-and-forth banter and debate between young conservative activist CJ Pearson and ex-CNN contributor Roland Martin, things have begun to heat up recently. Pearson tweeted at Martin on Friday and called out his willingness to troll, but unwillingness to debate.

Martin’s response, where he claims Pearson would get his “a** whooped,” starts at 3:45 in the video below.

CJ Pearson told Culttture what he had to say in response to Martin.

“Roland is all bark, no bite. Instead of slandering my name for clicks, in an effort to draw attention to his boring, nonsensical ramblings on YouTube, he should invite me on for a substantive debate,” said Pearson “It amazes me that a man with so much bravado is so fearful of a 16 year old boy.”

If Pearson and Martin end up debating, Culttture will keep you posted.

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Clint Whitney