Scott Adams Announces Engagement to Kristina Basham

Author and cartoonist Scott Adams announced his engagement to pianist and model Kristina Basham.

On a livestream last week, Scott Adams announced he and his girlfriend Kristina Basham are now engaged.

“I didn’t know how different it would feel until after I asked her and she said yes,” said Adams. “It feels completely different.”

Adams put the ring in a box of chocolate for Basham to discover.

Congratulations for Scott and Kristina began immediately following Adams’s announcement.

Online haters have previously voiced unhappiness with Adams and Basham’s relationship.

In a livestream earlier this year, Adams was asked whether he has a hot girlfriend or “the hottest girlfriend.”

Adams also recently took viewers on an impromptu Christmas Eve tour of his home.

Culttture recently published an exclusive interview with Adams on the power of confidence, President Trump‘s potential to negotiate with foreign powers and more.

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Andrew Meyer