Stefan Molyneux, Jesse Lee Peterson Weigh In On Kamala Harris Controversy

With Kamala Harris's ancestry on trial in the court of public opinion, two of the most prominent free thinkers weighed in.

Kamala Harris’s ancestry’s in the hottest debate in America after prominent conservative Ali Alexander amplified the truth of her lineage.

Now two of the most popular thinkers in America have weighed in.

Author and counselor Jesse Lee Peterson tweeted, “Kamala Harris is Indian & Jamaican. She was mostly raised in Canada & her husband is Jewish. She’s not a black American & has no connection or lineage to slavery or civil-rights in US. Being bussed to white Berkeley school in the 70s doesn’t make you Rosa Parks.”

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux shared a similar stance on the issue as Peterson, tweeting, “Why would African-Americans question the African-American-ness of a Indian Jamaican woman whose family were plantation slave owners?”

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Andrew Meyer