The Escalation of the Branding War for the Future of Conservatism

The fight for the American worker and American jobs.

  • The fight for conservatism has reached new levels according to OANN host Jack Posobiec.
  • After Reagan, the conservative movement was taken over and the emphasis was no longer on protecting the American worker.
  • Traditional and social conservatives are going to war with Neo-conservatives, libertarian thinkers and Neo-liberals over American jobs.

We see it on Twitter and Facebook – conservatives are fighting for the future of their party but they aren’t just fighting the left, they are fighting each other. OANN host Jack Posobiec says the branding war for the future of conservatism has reached new levels of intensity.

After Reagan, the conservative movement was taken over by neo-conservatives, libertarian thinkers and neo-liberals who took the focus away from protecting American jobs and American workers, according to Posobiec. Posobiec also says they pushed out the traditional and social conservatives who were against trade deals like NAFTA and TPP.

Posobiec said we have been led by people who “believed in the false truth that we have an economy with a country” but instead, “we are a country of people, a country of borders and a country with national security interests to defend our own citizens; which also has an economy.”

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