Media Launched a War Against the Covington Boys Over MAGA Hats

When wearing a MAGA hat is reason enough to destroy your life.

  • Young conservative, CJ Pearson warns of the Left’s war against children after an attack on the Covington boys wearing Make America Great Again hats.
  • Forget politicians, forget activists, forget operatives, they are now going after children.
  • It’s important to fight back by demanding retractions and corrections.

Young conservative CJ Pearson went on the offensive and called on America to stand up for the Covington boys who were attacked by the Left for wearing “Make America Great Again hats. He said we must keep applying pressure and demand retractions and corrections to the false narrative that was pushed in the mainstream media and on social media.

He noted that the attack on these boys showed the low standards and the absence of morality the Left has when it comes to anyone associated with the MAGA movement. They weren’t going after politicians, or activists or operatives they were going after children. The only reason they set out to destroy these boys is because of the hats they were wearing.

“This is war, hashtag war, that’s exactly what this is,” said Pearson as he vowed to fight to clear the name of his peers.

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