Facebook Bans Pro-Brexit Tommy Robinson and Raheem Kassam, Unbans Kassam

Pro-Brexit influencers Raheem Kassam and Tommy Robinson were both banned by Facebook

Pro-Brexit influencers Raheem Kassam and Tommy Robinson were both deleted by Facebook this morning.

After Donald Trump Jr. commented on Kassam’s deletion, Kassam was unbanned by Facebook. Trump said, “I’m sure this was an ‘accident’ like I’ve been hearing from the social media masters. Funny that the accidents only happen one way.”

Before his unbanning, Culttture received this statement from Kassam:

“I have appealed Facebook’s decision and eagerly await an explanation as to why I was so unceremoniously removed from the management of my fan page with over 150,000 followers. This kind of aggression against conservatives does nothing to bridge the ideological and philosophical divides we face in the West right now. Social media giants have major culpability in sowing division and discord with their casual political aggression.”

Robinson’s fan page on Facebook had hundreds of thousands of likes, and the page’s deletion comes as his documentary Panodrama was going viral online.

Panodrama is highly critical of the BBC and UK political action group “Hope Not Hate,” and debuted last Saturday, February 23. Robinson was also banned from Instagram.

Mohammed Shafiq has claimed responsibility for helping to get Robinson banned, but his claim has not been independently verified by Culttture.

In another Big Tech ban, Laura Loomer was shut down by online t-shirt maker Teespring. Loomer was previously banned by PayPal, Twitter, and several other Tech giants.

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Andrew Meyer