Tucker Carlson Turned The Tables on Media Matters’s Outrage Machine

Carlson helped expose bigoted comments made by the president of Media Matters

  • Media Matters led an outrage campaign against Tucker Carlson by publishing decade-old comments made on shock jock.
  • Tucker Carlson refused to apologize despite pressure to do so.
  • Days after leading the campaign against Carlson, the president of Media Matters had bigoted comments from his old blog exposed.

Media Matters President Angelo Carusone led a campaign designed to make advertisers boycott Tucker Carlson. Carusone’s organization released audio of Carlson’s decade-old comments from an appearance on ‘Bubba the Love Sponge.’

Days after leading the boycott campaign, Carusone came under fire himself for some bigoted statements he has made in the past.

Carlson took the fight to Carusone and was not suspended by Fox News.

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Yvonne Burton