Tucker Carlson Draws Praise For Refusing To Apologize To Media Matters Hit Piece

Popular influencers love Tucker Carlson's refusal to apologize for decade-old comments on Howard Stern's channel.

The corporate media’s go-to organization for negative “hit pieces,” Media Matters, released comments yesterday from over a decade ago that Tucker Carlson made on Howard Stern’s satellite radio channel.

While the corporate media typically looks to receive an apology in response to giving headlines to old comments, the response to the ‘outrage’ against Carlson received no apology, and a big backlash.

Carlson tweeted, “Media Matters caught me saying something naughty on a radio show more than a decade ago. Rather than express the usual ritual contrition, how about this: I’m on television every weeknight live for an hour. If you want to know what I think, you can watch. Anyone who disagrees with my views is welcome to come on and explain why.”

The response to Carlson’s refusal to apology has been massive support from people including Donald Trump Jr.

Many noted the lack of apologizing Carlson’s political enemies have done recently, including the defense Media Matters itself did for James Gunn.

Here are just a sample of the many popular tweets highlighting the hypocrisy.

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Andrew Meyer