Twitter Debunks Media Conspiracy Theory Started by Caroline Orr in Kamala Harris Versus Ali Alexander Saga

After Ali Alexander went viral exposing Kamala Harris's false history, media tried to counter the story with a conspiracy theory hoax.

When prominent conservative Ali Alexander went viral exposing Kamala Harris‘s lies about her ties to the history of African-American suffering, the media tried to counter the story with a conspiracy theory.

Enter Russiaobsessed conspiracy theorist Caroline Orr.

Orr tweeted a baseless conspiracy theory: “A lot of suspect accounts are pushing the ‘Kamala Harris is not Black’ narrative tonight. It’s everywhere and it has all the signs of being a coordinated/artificial operation.”

Based on Orr’s tweet, far left bloggers at Vox, The Hill, the NY Times, and many other websites wrote stories with reporting like this:

“Within minutes of the original tweet about Harris’ background being sent, a network of bot accounts associated with trolls began to spread the message across Twitter,” – Vox.

Twitter has debunked Orr’s conspiracy theory, with even far left activists at CNN being forced to report that the accounts calling out Kamala Harris were not bots.

Here are some of the mainstream media outlets that ran with Orr’s wild conspiracy theory as news.

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Andrew Meyer