New Shadow Ban Technique? Twitter is Hiding Culttture’s ‘OK Boomer’ Hat Tweet

Why is Twitter hiding our OK BOOMER merch tweet? Dumb.

Late Saturday night, Culttture released a fun hat inspired by the meme, “ok boomer.” It’s a trendy dad hat readers can wear ironically or not.

We put out the obligatory tweet but then started getting messages about the tweet not being available. One reader even predicted that Twitter would take down our tweet.

Is “ok boomer” the new “learn to code”?

Then it happened. See, the tweet is still live. You can access it on our @culttture profile page. However, the tweet isn’t showing up in some timelines.

Twitter displays an ominous “This Tweet is unavailable. Learn more” message. This will certainly hurt sales so go purchase the hat now.

There’s no disclosure here and the tweet hasn’t even been removed. It’s just being hidden from people who are and want to interact with the tweet.

The hat comes in several colors. Check it out!

Yes, even camouflage.

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Daniel Bostic