U.S. Ambassador to Germany Goes Head to Head with CNN Reporter in Twitter Spat

CNN's Phillip and U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell engaged in a serious argument over the content of diplomatic cables.

CNN reporter Abby Phillip and U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell engaged in a serious exchange on Twitter this earlier today.

Grenell told Phillip, “You are flat wrong. We don’t write cables back to capitals with personal attacks on heads of state. We have frank and honest assessments of POLICIES.”

Phillip responded, “Totally fair to say based on your experience, but can you say with certainty that other diplomats don’t? Aren’t they private for a reason?”

Grenell answered, “Where’s your proof? You said a definitive statement. I write and approve hundreds of cables. I’ve never seen it.”

Now things get really interesting.

CNN’s Abby Philip cited WikiLeaks as her source, writing, “This is not the first time diplomatic cables have been leaked. And it’s also not the first time that those cables have included critical assessments of world leaders. Just bc it isn’t typically directed at a US leader, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. See:”.

Grenell responded that Philip was changing the subject, tweeting “This isn’t what you said. You just googled this and are changing the debate. You said definitively his cable was a typical assessment. It isn’t. Use facts not opinions.”

For now, the last word in the debate belongs to Philip, who replied, “What are you talking about? How is it changing the debate to provide you with examples of the thing you said never happens: foreign diplomats offering PERSONALITY assessments of foreign leaders — not just policy assessments. Another example:”

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Clint Whitney