Washington Post Editor Backs Down from Mike Cernovich’s Lawsuit Dare

Post editor Karen Attiah threatened to sue Cernovich for writing that her newspaper published Qatari propaganda via Jamal Khashoggi.

Journalist Mike Cernovich not only told Washington Post editor Karen Attiah that her newspaper published Qatari propaganda via ghostwritten Jamal Khashoggi columns – he challenged her to sue him.

Attiah responded “You really don’t want this smoke,” and “Watch this space,” implying Cernovich would be sued.

Cernovich encouraged her to sue.

Many on Twitter encouraged Attiah to bring the lawsuit she threatened, but she quickly backed down from the issue.

“A lot of ‘journalists’ don’t understand the discovery process. I do,” said Cernovich. “Let’s get those Jamal Khashoggi emails. I can’t wait to read them.”

Cernovich, an acclaimed lawyer, stated that he would file a lawsuit unless Attiah withdrew her lawsuit threat.

Cernovich retweeted an article on the Qatar Foundation shaping Khashoggi’s Washington Post columns, and wrote “I wonder if this is true? If only there were a way – such as a lawsuit – to find these emails???”

The corporate media lionized Khashoggi after he was allegedly killed in a Saudi embassy in Turkey.

“Jamal Khashoggi called Osama bin Laden the ‘lion of Afghanistan.’ We found his old tweets; the media covered it up but we got them,” wrote Cernovich.

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Andrew Meyer