Washington Post Hit Piece on Ali Alexander Buries His African-American Identity

The article defended Democrat Kamala Harris's false claims of African-American heritage, and erased African-Americans voices.

The Washington Post wrote a hit piece today burying prominent conservative Ali Alexander‘s African-American identity after he went viral discussing Democrat Kamala Harris‘s false claims to African-American history.

Harris’s parents do not descend from African-Americans, but from India and a Jamaican family whose ancestors owned slaves.

In an article titled, “A few liberal activists challenged Kamala Harris’s black authenticity. The president’s son amplified their message,” the Washington Post failed to identify the author of the tweet amplified by Donald Trump Jr. as an African-American man until the article’s 30th paragraph.

In fact, the article failed to identify the tweet’s author – Ali Alexander – at all until the 30th paragraph. Instead, the two Washington Post writers began their article with an attempt to smear Donald Trump Jr. for sharing “a right-wing provocateur’s tweet saying Sen. Kamala D. Harris is not an “American black.”

The article then made the racist claim that some leaders of the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) movement “will imitate the tropes of Republican operatives to drive home their argument that Democrats have not always stood by them.”

Ali Alexander responded to the racist claim, tweeting, “You’re lying and attacking African-Americans with this partisan and unironically racist trope. Whoa, Amy Wang! You also didn’t reach out to me for comment. Do you know how racist this is all coming across to black voters?”

When the article finally mentioned Alexander, it was in an attempt to portray him as anti-Semitic. After attempting to portray Alexander as anti-Semitic, the article then calls Jacob Wohl a colleague of Alexander. Jacob Wohl is a Jewish American.

The Washington Post hit piece failed badly, and it incurred a strong backlash online.

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Andrew Meyer