‘We The Moms’ Demand Hollywood Abolish Casting Couch Abuse

New activist group vows to take on Hollywood and prevent perverts from creating content for children

Disney recently rehired James Gunn to continue directing Guardians of the Galaxy, after they supposedly fired him for thousands of tweets he made “joking” about child rape.

Now there is a campaign to take on Disney and Hollywood to protect women and children in Hollywood. With powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Bryan Singer, and Kevin Spacey credibly accused of sexual abuse including rape and pedophilia, there is a rising movement against the crimes of Hollywood.

The 1st campaign from WeTheMoms.org has over 1,000 mothers and their allies challenging James Gunn’s role as a children’s content creator.

Culttture wrote recently about blogging platform Medium scrubbing Ali Alexander‘s articles exposing James Gunn’s tweets and blog posts, and banning him from the platform coinciding with the announcement that Gunn had been rehired.

Some people, including independent journalist Tim Pool, are questioning whether Disney ever fired James Gunn at all, suggesting that it might have been just a PR stunt.

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Yvonne Burton