Will Chamberlain Torches Ben Shapiro’s Latest piece on the Wall

Ben Shapiro’s latest piece on the Wall was torched by Will Chamberlain in this Periscope video.

Calls on the GOP to challenge Democrats with a series of low impact questions.

Will Chamberlain going in on Ben Shapiro on Periscope
  • Ben Shapiro had some “sage advice” for President Trump on building the wall.
  • Chamberlain goes point by point to rebut Shapiro’s advice.
  • Says Shapiro is basically saying that Trump should just do nothing.
  • Calls Shapiro’s article “Stupid” and asks why we’re taking him seriously.

Will Chamberlain tears into Ben Shapiro’s “sage advice” of doing nothing on getting the wall built and wonders why we’re taking him seriously after this “stupid article” was published.

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Michael Clark