No Punishment From WNYC or Berkeley After Employees Applaud Campus Assault

Levi Vonk and Yuvi Panda applauded the assault on Berkeley's campus of a TPUSA student organizer

Yesterday, Culttture reported on the assault of a conservative student organizer on the UC-Berkeley campus, and the online approval of the attack by WNYC producer and writer Levi Vonk.

Berkeley employee Yuvi Panda was also discovered applauding the brutal assault on Hayden Williams, a member of the pro-Trump student group Turning Point USA.

Panda faces no punishment from Berkeley for his statement.

“While we have no legal ability to control or sanction what employees do during their free time, it should be absolutely clear that any expression of approval and support for violence stands in complete and total opposition to the values, commitments, and policies of this university,” UC-Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof told Campus Reform.

Both Panda and Vonk protected their Twitter accounts after their tweets encouraging the assault were published.

When asked whether they would continue working with Vonk, both WNYC and refused to comment.

Here is a first person video of the politically motivated assault which legal analysts such as Mike Cernovich have called domestic terrorism.

To help find the attacker you can email us at [email protected] Here is a photo of his face.

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Andrew Meyer