Jacob Wohl and Kyle Kashuv Get Into It Over Nikki Haley’s Apperance with ‘Deep State’ John Brennan

Kashuv rushed to the defense of Nikki Haley's "great policy discussion" with the former Obama CIA chief

  • Jacob Wohl called out Nikki Haley for appearing with Obama’s former CIA chief and avowed communist John Brennan.
  • Kyle Kashuv defended Nikki Haley, and Wohl fired back on Twitter.

After Nikki Haley tweeted yesterday about her “policy discussion” with former CIA chief John Brennan, Jacob Wohl called out her “fan-girls” on Twitter.

Kyle Kashuv came to the defense of Nikki Haley, reinforcing Haley’s contention that she hadn’t demanded her customary $200,000 for speaking with Brennan.

Wohl shot back at Kashuv, “Nikki Haley is gleefully cavorting with John Brennan, a communist deep state maniac who has called President Trump a ‘traitor.’ She didn’t charge her normal $200K speaking fee to do so. Rather, she did it for FREE! I stand corrected Kyle. Thank you for the fact-check”

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Andrew Meyer


One Comment

  1. How is kyle kashuv so proficient on twitter? We see cj-person take time off for studies and school kyle kashuv is on 24/7 and wayyyy to eloquent for a high school kid. Mentored by Ben Shiparo I wonder how much of his dialogue is his own?