YouTube Restricted the Latest Episode of The Candace Owens Show

Owens's conversation with Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome was restricted on YouTube

  • Hosted by conservative activist Candace Owens, The Candace Owens Show is a new hit on the educational platform PragerU, featuring a series of interviews with folks from all sides of the political spectrum.
  • In her most recent episode, Candace interviewed the Chairman of Black Lives Matter NY, Hawk Newsome, and discussed issues facing the black community, voter ID laws, police brutality, Donald Trump and more.
  • On Monday, PragerU announced that YouTube had restricted this episode.

In a nearly two-hour long discussion on the most recent episode of The Candace Owens Show, Hawk Newsome and Candace exchanged what many viewed as healthy dialogue from both ends of the political spectrum. Many were shocked to find that YouTube had restricted the video, so that it is only viewable on devices that do not have restricted settings. You can view the full length video here.

In response to the news, PragerU tweeted, “Two black people discussing the issues facing the black community is something young people are supposed to be protected from? Why would YouTube put this in restricted mode?”

Culttture also recently reported on Hawk Newsome’s full interview for the film Hoaxed, which was recently released in its entirety.

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Clint Whitney