YouTube Terminates Channel For Covering Nathan Phillips’s Stolen Valor

Don Shipley is a retired Navy SEAL and made a video about Phillips's stolen valor

  •  YouTube terminated retired Navy SEAL Donald Shipley‘s channel which was dedicated to exposing instances of ‘stolen valor.’
  • The most recent video featured the man who banged a drum in the face of the Covington Kids, Nathan Phillips.
  •  The channel had over 232,000 subscribers at the time of its termination.

One of YouTuber Don Shipley’s most recent videos exposed Nathan Phillips’s lies about his service in Vietnam. Nathan Phillips is the progressive activist at the center of the Covington Catholic incident in Washington D.C.

While the corporate media repeated Phillips’s story that he was a Vietnam veteran peacefully protesting suddenly surrounded by kids in MAGA hats screaming “Build the wall,” videos revealed Phillips approached Covington students and beat a drum in their face.

In Shipley’s video, he documented that Phillips was not a Vietnam veteran as he claimed.

YouTube terminated Shipley’s channel on February 21 and said the termination was a result of “bullying, targeting, or harassment.”

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Carter West