Alex Jones Threatens Lawsuit As President Trump Hints at Domestic Travel Restrictions

The Infowars founder announced his intention to sue the Trump administration should President Trump ban interstate travel.

On Monday, InfoWars’ founder Alex Jones announced his intention to sue the Trump administration should President Trump ban domestic travel in America.

In a public statement, Jones clarified that the potential lawsuit shouldn’t be read as an attack or repudiation of Trump himself.

“When I do this, it’s not because it’s President Trump, I like President Trump,” said Jones. “The globalists definitely hate him, but they’ve maneuvered him into this impossible choice, this rock and a hard place, because if he doesn’t respond, they’ll just trigger riots and other crises, and the media will trigger hysteria. Either he comes in with the clampdown or the globalists do it and brush him aside and make him irrelevant. The left has celebrated it. We said ‘Trump, look out! They’re setting you up.’ We were absolutely right.”

Jones isn’t the only American concerned about the possibility of an interstate travel ban.

Author Jack Murphy is also concerned that “domestic travel restrictions are possible.”

Lev Facher also noted that the Trump administration “hinted at domestic travel restrictions ‘from certain areas” in the U.S.’ as part of its White House Press Briefing on Saturday.

Jones’s lawsuit draft also lists Elaine Cho, David Bernhardt, and Wilbur Ross as defendants. It will be filed in a Washington D.C. District Court by Jones’s attorney Norm Pattis should Trump impose a domestic travel ban.

The lawsuit draft cites case law stating the “constitutional right to travel from one State to another is firmly embedded in our jurisprudence.” The draft also states, “Even in times of national emergencies, the public interest lies in the rights guaranteed to every American by the Constitution. While there is an undeniable public interest in combating and containing coronavirus, it does not take precedent over the public interest established in the supreme law of the land: the United States Constitution.”

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Josh Cohen

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