Ali Alexander Launches Masterclass in Persuasion and Influence

"A Primer to Persuasion and Influence" was released last week and is already garnering rave reviews.

Ali Alexander has launched a video course on persuasion and influence.

Filmmaker Tiger released an early look at the course on January 1.

“I work with millionaires, billionaires, rockstars and CEOs. I am been blessed. The White House and President of the United States heed my advice,” wrote Alexander. “I’m releasing this course, a primer on Persuasion and Influence, for you. I want to see you win MORE.”

Alexander celebrated the release of his masterclass with a live Periscope, taking questions on persuasion.

Alexander was instrumental in securing the release of rapper A$AP Rocky from unjust incarceration in a Swedish prison. Alexander informed both the White House and the State Department about the situation.

Ali Alexander with President Donald Trump

Alexander was recently spotted with Kanye West.

Alexander’s masterclass on influence is already drawing praise from users.

Red Pilled America co-host Adryana Cortez wrote, “Iā€™m really liking and appreciate what @ali is doing with his master class. More people on the Right need to take the initiative to create valuable and viable content.”

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Andrew Meyer