Ali Alexander Ranks Kanye’s Choir’s Album, Releases Ye-Themed Shirt and New Art

Alexander ranked the songs on Kanye West's Sunday Service Choir's album, and is releasing his own art and a Ye-themed shirt.

On Christmas, Kanye West‘s Sunday Service Choir released the album Jesus Is Born.

Culttture publisher Ali Alexander ranked the songs on the album, with Revelation 19:1 listed as his favorite track.

“Satan, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down,” wrote Alexander with the hashtag #SundayService.

A few days later, Alexander released a new shirt in the same life-blue color of the Sunday Service Choir’s album. The shirt bears the message, “When That Holy Beat Drops.”

Alexander also announced he would be releasing new art, including posters and five sculptures.

Two of the five sculptures have already been sold.

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Andrew Meyer