Americans Thank Mike Cernovich for January Alert of China’s Coronavirus

Scott Adams, Jack Posobiec, and Ali Alexander also urged early action against China's coronavirus, including halting flights from China.

Hoaxed filmmaker Mike Cernovich warned the public back in January of the threat of China’s coronavirus.

Now, many Americans that listened to Cernovich and started stocking up on supplies before the current rush to America’s retailers are expressing their gratitude.

“I want to publicly thank Cernovich for making my household prepared (not panic) 2 weeks ago,” said @BasedImmigrant. “My friends said ‘twitter is making you overreact’! But I paid attention and now I’m not in grocery aisles fighting for supplies and risking being coughed on in clustered checkout lines!”

“Thank you @Cernovich . It’s because of you that I prepared and am fully stocked,” wrote Adriana Alvarado. “Going to take my time to Spring Clean, hang out with my kids and work in my yard.”

“Thanks for your tips. I felt stupid buying supplies, but not anymore,” tweeted Kenneth Allen.

“You have risen from ‘A source I trust – proven accurate over time’ to my most trusted source. Thank you,” said Darby McGraw.

“Thank God for accounts like yours and Jack that aren’t beholden to China and actually call them out!” wrote John Barron.

“I originally hated your fear mongering tweets. I understand them now. Thank you for your service,” wrote Jason Mazariegos.

“I bought supplies 3 weeks ago due to @Cernovich sounding the alarm bells,” said retired MMA champion Ben Askren. “Thanks Mike.”

As Culttture reported back in January, Cernovich was among a group of influential Trump administration allies that urged the president to halt flights from China.

Culttture publisher Ali Alexander, OAN host Jack Posobiec, Loserthink author Scott Adams, and Red Pilled America host Adryana Cortez also warned of the danger of China’s coronavirus back in January.

Russia, which closed its border back in January, has seen zero deaths from China’s coronavirus.

While Cernovich was among the journalists working to warn the public of the pandemic, the New York Times in February printed an article titled, “Who Says It’s Not Safe to Travel to China?”

The Washington Post printed an article titled “Why we should be skeptical of China’s coronavirus quarantine.”

Alexander pointed out that had his advice been listened to, the U.S. would have saved trillions of dollars. Cernovich postulated whether it was malpractice for investors not to read his content.

While Cernovich and Alexander were among the small group warning of China’s coronavirus, the corporate media and Democrat Joe Biden told the public that a travel ban on China was “xenophobic.”

The corporate media also claimed it was “racist” to refer to the pandemic as “Wuhan coronavirus” after the corporate media also used that term, referring to the virus’s point of origin in China.

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Andrew Meyer