An0maly Raps on Track with Owen Shroyer and Bryson Gray, Talks with Roseanne

An0maly, Shroyer and Gray dropped a track against censorship, and An0maly also spoke with Barr about cancel culture.

Rap star and news analyst An0maly is featured with Infowars host Owen Shroyer and rapper Bryson Gray on a new track against political censorship.

“They tried suspending me, make me an enemy, even though I’m chillin preaching like ministry,” An0maly said on the track. “You ain’t really liberal you just mind controlled. Google, Facebook, Twitter they just like control.”

The video features the recent arrest of Shroyer who said on the track, “Slandered. The price for just being me.”

President Trump announced in November that he would choose winners of Gray’s viral MAGA Challenge, which featured rappers making “liberals cry.” On the new track, Gray said, “I’m a go hard since they want to censor me.”

An0maly also recently spoke with comedian and television star Roseanne Barr, and asked her about cancel culture.

“I’m the only one that got cancelled,” said Barr. “Everyone got off after me.”

Barr also spoke about the reported Democrat cheating against Bernie Sanders.

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