Culttture Introduces New Vertical ‘blindleaks’ Exposing Secrets, Leaks and Gossip in ‘Blind Item’ Format

Our publication is just 14 months old.

When we launched the founding editorial board held a vote at the request of our publisher to not engage in drama that would sever our readership. We wanted to take up the stories that hostile corporate media wouldn’t write. Too often, the subjects we cover break a story, accomplish something great, or influence a change in public policy without accurate coverage of the event; or worse, non-profit media funded by fringe left-wing megadonors works to distort what happened, tainting the historical record. Culttture has existed to shed light on controversial and non-controversial characters in our culture war. We’ve made the historical record more accurate. We’ve brought joy to journalism.

That’s our mantra externally and internally. We’ve avoided too much drama because we didn’t want our team to condition themselves to engage in clickbait, easy dollar headlines and stories. We’re not here to drive profit if we sacrifice the world doing it. We seek a balance. 

This evolution achieves balance.

Last week, the partners decided to act on an idea we had back in June of last year. We want to release blind items. These stories will be important. And sometimes they’ll be salacious. But, we’ll work to make sure they’re all true.

What is a blind item? A blind item is short aside that includes a shocking or exclusive story but without detail identifying information. 

Every week we are presented with stories we know to be true that we choose not to publish. It could be for a variety of reasons. Some stories just wouldn’t be long enough. Other stories have a single source. Publishing a single source can be challenging because it could expose that source or it could just be unethical. 

Mostly, we’ve just wanted to stay away from the infighting and drama that some other publications relish in. With a year under our belt, we’re confident that we won’t allow that to become our primary purpose. We’re ready to share some of the secret leaks and juicy stories we’ve been sitting on. 

We’re going to do that using a new Twitter account, @blindleaks
We will accept new tips at [email protected]

What will be published? Stories we know or believe to be true. These stories will span beyond the community we cover in politics. We have stories we’ve been sitting on affecting the entertainment and sports industries, respectively. Our readers and sources span across the globe and every sector of culture.

While anyone can submit a tip, not just any tip will be published as a blind item. We will verify whether tips are true. We want to run this without error. Fortunately, by law, we are protected in our journalistic work. We can protect our sources and our methods. Rumors and tips that are shared with us but cannot be established as reliably or reasonably true to one of our executives will not be published.

Still, most at Culttture won’t know who the subjects are referenced in public blind items. We will do our best to firewall information as to do the most public good without violating our code.

Strap in, let’s have some fun. Go follow @blindleaks over on Twitter and make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter

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Daniel Bostic