Carpe Donktum Rages Against the Corporate Media Machine

President Trump's favorite meme master has been engaging in no-holds barred brawling on Twitter with corporate media.

Meme master Carpe Donktum has taken a break from his usual lighthearted programming to engage directly with corporate media in some bareknuckle brawling on Twitter.

When independent news outlet Zero Hedge was suspended after being reported by a BuzzFeed reporter, Donktum let loose.

“Twitter has suspended @zerohedge for reporting on the news. Guess who made it happen? A catblog posing as a news outlet, the same one that brought us such hoaxes as, the dossier, Kavanaugh, Covington, and Ukraine!” wrote Donktum, calling Buzzfeed a “steaming pile of excrement.”

Donktum also recently took a verbal sledgehammer to Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, writing “You are not conservative, you are barely literate, and you contribute nothing to anything. Sincerely, Everyone who doesn’t have 1000 cats.”

On Fox News reporter Chris Wallace, “What a loser.”

To Ellen Show producer Andy Lassner, “What in the hell is wrong with you?”

Incensed at the ‘trecherous’ impeachment proceedings, Donktum made a meme raging against Democrats and the corporate media machine.

Donktum also made a meme of President Donald Trump slapping around impeachment-crazed Democrat Adam Schiff.

Greg Gutfeld awarded Donktum with the ‘Outrage of the Year Award’ for creating a meme posted by President Trump that infuriated the corporate media.

Donktum said, “I will try my best to live up to the tremendous responsibility that comes with this prestigious award!” and later chose CNN’s Brian Stelter as the “Liberal Hack” of the Year.

Donktum has also used his influence to turn corporate media malfeasance into acts of good.

When a Target employee had her name and face posted on social media by Yahoo contributor David Leavitt for refusing to sell an electric toothbrush at a misprinted price of one penny, Donktum used the negative attention to raise over $30,000 for the suddenly infamous Target employee Tori.

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Andrew Meyer