Chinese Bots Swarm Breitbart’s Brandon Darby Over His Coronavirus Reporting

Breitbart reporter Brandon Darby has been swarmed with Chinese bots as part of a Chinese campaign to hide the origin of coronavirus.

“I have a massive army of Chinese bots threatening that my ‘horse will die’ and trying to insult my mother since I defended the term ‘Chinese virus.’ Lol,” tweeted Breitbart reporter Brandon Darby.

Darby was defending his use of the term China virus, a term which denotes the origin of the Chinese coronavirus that has been infecting people across the world.

The corporate media and China’s government have both been trying to label terms like China virus and Wuhan virus “racist.”

Darby, in response to a Chinese state entity blaming America for coronavirus, also called out China’s imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of ethnic Uighur Muslims.

The Xinjiang region of China has a population of 22 million with about 10 million Uyghur Muslims, and an estimated 1 million Uyghur Muslims are being held by Chinese authorities in prisons called “re-education centers” by the communist Chinese government. China is reportedly sending men to sleep in the same beds as Uighur Muslim women while their husbands are in the prison camps, causing untold numbers of rape.

Chinese citizens that speak out against the government in any way – even making comments on social media – are subject to arrest and imprisonment. Serious dissenters may even be subject to death via China’s mobile execution vans where organs are harvested and sold.

Culttture publisher Ali Alexander called for the shutdown of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter, known as wumaos, and also called out China’s “active disinformation campaign against the United States.”

On Twitter, a Chinese ambassador claimed the Chinese Coronavirus was not “made in China.”

In response to China’s disinformation campaign, Alexander and OAN host Jack Posobiec both noted that China has not closed their borders in response to the pandemic.

Today, China expelled U.S. journalists and demanded they file financial statements with the Chinese government.

Many Americans are not happy with the Chinese disinformation campaign, especially the attempts to brand use of the words Wuhan virus and China virus as “racist.”

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Andrew Meyer