Enrique Tarrio’s Congressional Campaign Launch Draws Large Crowd

"Our launch event was a HUGE success and I am extremely happy with the #TeamTarrio team." - Tarrio

The successful campaign launch party for Republican Congressional Candidate Enrique Tarrio was held on Saturday, January 25th at Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida, and well surpassed the number of attendees originally predicted with close to 300 guests. Dozens of attendees flew cross-country to show their support for Tarrio, with the event wrapping up with a spectacular display of fireworks.

Speakers included:

  • Julio Martinez – Ex-Mayor of Hialeah
  • Rich Granville – CEO of Yippy.com
  • Jacob Engles – Campaign Manager
  • Joe Biggs – Two-Time Purple Heart Recipient
  • Numerous Veterans

Also spotted in attendance was Congressional candidate Laura Loomer who has been working hard to flip Florida’s 21st Congressional District red.

Tarrio explained he is personally passionate about criminal justice reform, immigration reform, free speech across all digital platforms, reduction and simplification of tax code, assuring active duty as well as retired veterans always have access to excellent healthcare and housing, common sense education reform, rooting out 2nd Amendment violations, an America first foreign policy and countering domestic terrorism.

Tarrio received endorsements from Latinos for Trump, Bikers for Trump, and Roger Stone, who was not able to attend due to unforeseen circumstances earlier that day. Tarrio’s campaign manager and close friend of Roger Stone, Jacob Engels, officially endorsed Tarrio in Stone’s absence.

We spoke with Candidate Tarrio about the campaign launch where he reiterated that he was very pleased with the turnout and explained how his campaign will move forward heading into election season:

“I am extremely overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and love our campaign has received. Our launch event was a HUGE success and I am extremely happy with the #TeamTarrio team. We exceeded our expectation by three fold with 250+ in the building. Democratic presidential candidates cannot put together a 10th of those numbers together. Our campaign understands we cannot win this race by event attendance numbers alone, We must use the power and energy of our grassroots movement to reach out to voters via door knocking, phone calls and pounding our boots on the grounds on the streets of Miami. I WILL win this congressional seat not only because I am the right candidate…I will win this seat because I have the support of the PEOPLE on my side and I have the best campaign team in the country supporting me.”

Enrique Tarrio

Enrique Tarrio (R) is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Florida’s 27th Congressional District, which includes Miami and surrounding areas.

To learn more about Enrique Tarrio and his stance on education, civil rights, domestic terrorism, taxes, justice reform and more, visit his campaign site at: Tarrio.2020.com

You can also follow him on Facebook at: Rigoberto Tarrio

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