EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Rae Goldenberg, Louis Shenker Suspended from Twitter

Goldenberg and Shenker, both American Jews, were suspended after responding to accounts that accused them of anti-Semitism.

Ashley Rae Goldenberg and Louis Shenker both recently had their Twitter accounts locked amidst troubling circumstances.

Shenker, a Jewish American, was suspended after responding to accusations that he is an anti-Semite.

After being called a “neo-Nazi” and a “racist antisemite,” Shenker responded “I’m Jewish also you low IQ morons.”

The tweet was deemed hateful by Twitter and Shenker’s account was permanently suspended.

Shenker also recently questioned actual anti-Semite Linda Sarsour, and was subsequently falsely reported for harassment by an Antifa-supporting professor on his campus and arrested.

“I was literally Jailed for posting a nonviolent live video on Twitter. While still dealing with the legal system surrounding my arrest my Twitter has been banned and deleted,” Shenker told Culttture. “I am now unable to directly respond to the thousands of Antifa Members rallying in support against me globally. It’s been very eye opening to a lot of my friends to see the systemic method by which I am being ‘De-personed’ electronically in real time. This is just the beginning.”

Goldenberg was temporarily suspended after responding to Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter.

After being locked from Twitter, Goldenberg wrote in a Medium article why she believes Cheong is responsible for getting her account locked after she responded to him on Twitter.

According to Goldenberg, Cheong believes she is a “white nationalist neo-Nazi sympathizer.” Goldenberg is Jewish, and her comments to Cheong on Twitter followed her article documenting among other activity Cheong’s history of anti-Semitic comments.

“It’s worth noting that Ian and I were friendly and even joking around together online just hours before he decided that I’m actually a white nationalist neo-Nazi sympathizer,” Goldenberg told Culttture. “In fact, he sympathetically wrote about my doxxing story for the Daily Caller when he was there.”

Goldenberg believes Cheong is responsible for getting her suspended. “There was nothing offensive in my post,” she told Culttture. “I merely tagged Ian. I’m far from the only person who has had their Twitter account suspended as a direct result of saying something that Ian did not like.”

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Clint Whitney