‘Fraud’: Sam Harris Called Out by Mike Cernovich for False Claim of Early Coronavirus Warning

Harris claimed to be early in warning the public about coronavirus, and was corrected by journalist Mike Cernovich.

“Hyper-partisans like @SamHarrisOrg are spreading disinformation about coronavirus,” wrote journalist Mike Cernovich on Twitter last night.

“He is falsely claiming that the liberal / corporate media warned about coronavirus early, while right wing media did not,” added Cernovich on atheist podcaster Sam Harris.

Cernovich called Harris a “complete fraud” for “claims he and other liberals were covering coronavirus early” made on his podcast.

As reported by Culttture, Cernovich was among a group of Trump administration allies urging the president to halt flights from China in January.

“Harris is one of the ‘experts’ who failed his audience,” wrote Cernovich, noting that Harris was “7 weeks behind me on coronavirus, yet is now bragging about being a week earlier then the public.”

Harris responded to Cernovich by claiming that he was “earlier than almost anyone in my purview.”

Harris’s claim was not well received, with one Twitter respondent telling Harris, “Maybe you should meditate on your myopia. Mike was way ahead on this story, one of the first to draw attention to the Coronavirus.”

Asked whether he agrees with a NY Times writer that China won’t cover up coronavirus information, Harris refused to answer.

Harris has previously complained about Cernovich’s popularity on Joe Rogan‘s podcast, and attempted to discredit him by calling him a “Twitter troll.”

“Sam is a fraud with no moral compass,” said Cernovich. “He’s even lying about coronavirus to score some cheap points with his audience.”

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Andrew Meyer