Jack Murphy Fires Up Tim Pool, Waxes Philosophical on Success with Scott Adams

Murphy, the founder of the Liminal Order and author of Democrat to Deplorable, spoke recently on podcasts with Pool and Adams.

Jack Murphy, the author of Democrat to Deplorable, joined Tim Pool for a podcast discussing the state of the left wing in America.

As Murphy described the journey that has taken he and millions of Americans from voting Democrat to voting for President Trump, Pool also expressed his frustration with the Democrats.

Pool said that Democrat voters that called in frustration to C-SPAN with Democrat politicians over the impeachment process resonated with him.

“I’m so desperate, you can see it in my face,” said Pool, explaining that he was losing his resolve with the idea that he would not vote for Trump.

Murphy also recently released an episode of his own podcast in which he interviewed Win Bigly author Scott Adams.

The two discussed the road to success for writers and artists starting on their path, and how much of an artist’s public persona is a performance.

“Scott and Tim are after truth in their own ways,” Murphy told Culttture. “Scott wants to help you escape your mental prison, while Tim wants to bring you accurate facts and information. Both guys see that the world needs more truth, clarity, and understanding and they do it in their own ways. Both necessary and both very powerful.”

Murphy is also the founder of the Liminal Order, a men’s organization devoted to improving its members lives.

After his podcast with Pool, Murphy said, “As we’re introduced to larger audiences our membership grows.”

The Liminal Order has held events across America, and organized a clothing drive for veterans before Christmas.

“The Liminal Order stands behind every man in the community,” said Murphy. “One member suffered a death in the family and had to miss a lot of work. In a few hours we rallied behind the scenes and raised $1500 for him plus sent over a care package. If you’re in the Liminal Order you’re never alone. That Member said lots of his ‘real life’ friends offered help, but the Liminal Order were the only ones to really step up.”

In December, Murphy challenged himself to meditate, read, and write more often. Inside the Liminal Order, Murphy held a multi-week workshop on William Lind‘s 4th Generation Warfare Handbook.

In the wake of Murphy’s podcast with Pool, potential new members are already hoping to join the Liminal Order.

Murphy’s book Democrat To Deplorable reached higher than the top one percent of sales on Amazon following his podcast with Pool, ascending to the top .03% of sales. The book was number six in all of anthropology.

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Andrew Meyer