Jack Posobiec Body Slams WWE Wrestler on Twitter, ‘Little Jabroni’ Deletes Tweet

Poso dropped a flying elbow on Daivari over misinformation he spread on prison reform, then cut a promo calling him out.

OAN host Jack Posobiec has been pushing back against misinformation spread during the recent prison reform efforts.

When WWE wrestler Ariya Daivari was spreading the line that Nathaniel Woods was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, Posobiec informed the wrestler Woods was convicted of felony murder.

Daivari told Posobiec, “Stay out my mentions, d*ckhole,” before deleting his original tweet.

Daivari also said, “Id love to fight you. Time and place.”

Posobiec answered, “Iran. Oh wait.”

Daivari then blocked Posobiec, and Posobiec called him a “little jabroni” while the audience on Twitter memed Posobiec into the new WWE world champion.

“This little jabroni Daivari wouldn’t last 3 seconds in the ring with Stone Cold or the Rock. Attitude Era for life,” Posobiec told Culttture. “He wasn’t even smart enough to follow what I was saying. No wonder WWE is bleeding fans when Vince McMahon keeps signing these cringy snowflakes. I dropped him for the 3-count before he realized the match had begun. They never see Agent Poso coming until its all over.”

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Andrew Meyer