Jack Posobiec Defines Centennial Culture

Jack Posobiec has distinguished the early 90s centennial culture from millennials that were raised on Spongebob and cell phones.

OAN host Jack Posobiec has distinguished people born in the 1980s, separating what he calls “centennials” from later-born millennials.

“The major marketers are trying to lump 90s kids in with millennials, but they are failing because it just doesn’t work,” Posobiec told Culttture. “Those of us born in the 1980s grew up with a fundamentally different outlook on life because ours was the last to experience an analog childhood. We are the last line before the digital age began, grew up alongside the internet, and were the most directly affected by the financial crisis hitting just as we entered the workforce around 07-08. Ours is a cusp generation, but we are done with others defining us. We are taking our generation back. ”

Here are the defining tweets of Posobiec’s theme that centennials are very different from millenials.

“Centennials grew up watching 90s shows like Batman, Gargoyles, Darkwing, TMNT, and then A-Team reruns,” tweeted Posobiec. “Millennials grew up with Spongebob.”

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Andrew Meyer