MAGA Influencers Call for Pardon of Roger Stone

While prosecutors want up to nine years in prison for Stone, many want him pardoned, including Terrence Williams, Jack Posobiec, and CJ Pearson.

On Monday, prosecutors called for up to nine years in prison for Roger Stone.

President Donald Trump said, “This is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side, as nothing happens to them. Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!”

Now, many of the president’s staunchest supporters are calling for a pardon of Roger Stone.

“FREE ROGER STONE! & LOCK UP HILLARY CLINTON. This is unfair!” wrote comedian Terrence K. Williams. “They are doing this to Stone because he supports the President.”

OAN host Jack Posobiec wrote, “Roger Stone did not lie about communications with Wikileaks or Russians. This wasn’t even what the trial was about. Why are prosecutors lying about Roger Stone?” and added, “Does criminal justice reform apply to Roger Stone?”

Last Hope USA founder CJ Pearson said, “Roger Stone did nothing wrong. Until @HillaryClinton is locked up for the MANY crimes she committed, Roger Stone shouldn’t spend a single day in prison.”

Meme master Carpe Donktum wrote, “The only danger to this country are the people that refused to stand when you spoke of the great accomplishments of the last 3 years, and specifically the one that ripped up a speech filled with stories of American exceptionalism. PARDON ROGER STONE.”

Journalist Mike Cernovich also called for the pardon of Roger Stone, sharing a petition to pardon Stone that has received over 40,000 signatures.

“Impeachment is over. That means it’s time to pardon Roger Stone and General Flynn!” wrote political strategist Seth Weathers, sharing the thoughts of many Trump supporters.

When Stone was convicted, Win Bigly author Scott Adams asked, “Did Roger Stone just get convicted of lying and witness tampering to spare the President of the United States from the impact of a witch hunt? Easiest pardon ever. I’d bet on this one. #PardonRogerStone.”

On Telegram, Culttture publisher Ali Alexander wrote, “Stone-Flynn Day coming.”

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Andrew Meyer