SHOWSTOPPER: Joy Villa’s Stunning Pro-Trump Gown Shakes Up The Grammys Red Carpet

Villa graces the red carpet at the 62nd Grammy Awards Ceremony in her 3rd pro-Trump statement gown.

Singer-songwriter Joy Villa, who is known for her spectacular pro-Trump looks on the red carpet, spoke with Culttture on the process of developing her latest gown seen at the 62nd Grammy Award Ceremony, how music influences and unifies people from all walks of life, and the importance of keeping one’s moral compass at True North in the entertainment industry.

“I’m figuring out my voice and what more I can do with it,” Villa told Culttture. “What more can I say, what more can I do? What buttons can I push harder? How more punk rock can I be while still getting the message across?”

Villa’s gown and white coat for the 62nd Grammys certainly got the message across loud and clear. Designed by Desi Allinger of Desi Designs, the coat was inspired by the First Lady herself, Melania Trump and was capped at the shoulders in blue with white stars, resembling that of the stars of the American flag. Stitched in white on the front of the classic red latex dress was the phrase “TRUMP 2020”, with “IMPEACHED & RE-ELECTED” emblazoned on the back. Villa told Culttture Allinger drew inspiration for the neckline of the dress from an Alexander McQueen design.

After denying several offers from different designers, Villa chose to accompany her gorgeous gown with a hand-crafted Swarovski crystal clutch gifted to the artist by one of her biggest fans, Michelle Nicole.

“With talent it’s hard. Offers come in…luckily I was raised right by parents who love me that told me to follow my dreams, trust in God, trust in Jesus Christ, trust in yourself and just be a bold beacon and not rely on your looks.”


Nicole sent the black clutch (adorned with red, white, and blue Swarovski crystal elephant, the traditional mascot for the Republican Party) to Villa months prior to the Grammy Awards.

Complementing both the dress and the jewelled bag, the singer’s red ostrich feather hair clip and her Uplift by Lily Betsy Ross American Flag pumps were small touches overshadowed by the pro-Trump statement gown.

The showstopping look caught the attention of Vogue magazine, which featured Villa’s gown in their Grammy red carpet fashion edition online.

When asked how much prep time went into the planning of her Grammy looks Villa said she works with designers as early as six months ahead of an event, with her look normally solidified around November or December. The recent Grammy Award Ceremony was January 26th, though over the years they’ve often been held during the month of February.

Villa told Culttture that designer Desi Allinger is particularly accommodating when it comes to last minute changes, even on short notice. “She’s so incredible, such a great woman. We get to come up with it together and just play and be very girly about it,” Villa said of collaborating with Allinger.

Joy’s makeup artist, Nichole Ray, introduced the singer-songwriter to Allinger who has designed several dresses for Villa for different red carpet events and parties including a gold gown for the Daytime Emmys, and her iconic Barbie pink “F*ck Planned Parenthood” gown at the L.A. “Unplanned” movie premier (seen below with designer Desi Allinger).

This is the second consecutive year Villa has chosen to collaborate with Allinger for her Grammy appearance, having attended the Grammys in 2019 in a brick-print gown that read “Build The Wall” in text evocative of the Pink Floyd album and movie “The Wall,” along with a silver overlay. She finished off the look with a red “Make America Great Again” handbag, barbed wire accessory that wrapped across the back of her shoulders, silver jewellry, and a spiked headband, reminiscent of the crown worn by the ancient goddess Libertas (Statue of Liberty).

2019 Grammy Award Ceremony

In 2018, Villa purchased a white Pronovias wedding gown from The Bridal Garden, a Manhattan non-profit bridal boutique that according to their website says donates to “disadvantaged children in New York City.” The singer then hand-painted an image of an unborn baby in the womb onto the front of the skirt. The inspiration came from a painting Villa did of ultrasounds from her 2007 pregnancy, where she chose an open adoption, rather than to abort. Villa polished the look off with a diamond tiara, diamond earrings and cuffs, with a white purse that read “Choose Life”.

2018 Grammy Award Ceremony

Villa chose designer Andre Soriano for her 2017 Grammy look which featured a red, white, and blue mermaid-style dress that read “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” on the front, and “TRUMP” on the back, along the bottom of the skirt. The performer accessorized with silver earrings and bracelets, a red and gold heart-shaped purse and a white flower in her hair. Soriano was also the designer for both her 2015 and 2016 Grammy gowns.

2017 Grammy Award Ceremony

The group ViralPac, whose mission is to “create and distribute viral social media content that dominates the political narrative, counters socialist ideologies and left-wing media bias,” along with the “America Against Hollywood podcast both sponsored Villa’s 2020 Grammy appearance.

When asked how the singer remains strong in her value system and how she avoids becoming jaded as so many do in the industry she explained, “I’m actually an introvert. There’s nothing I love more than spending time at home with my cat or with a small group of people that I love, like a small group, sipping tea and watching some TV. The downtimes keep it real, I want the people around me to keep it real.”

Villa continued, “I crave it and I seek it out. I know people where fame and fortune has gone to their head. If you were a jerk before the spotlight was on you, you’re going to be a major jerk when the spotlight gets on you. If you’re a good person before, it doesn’t have to change. You can be a good person and be a famous billionaire, which I’m hoping to be one day.”

“Look at Trump, he’s a billionaire, he’s famous. He’s lived a crazy life in front of the cameras, and yet he knows what is important to him-his family. His kids are raised so great, no drama, no controversies, no drug addicts. How does that happen in Hollywood? I want his parenting secrets. When you get all of that and there’s still family values and good people that are supportive of each other, that’s the old school way of doing it. That’s the traditional conservatism that I want to bring back.”


Villa told Culttture she felt music has the power to unite people who may not otherwise agree on much. She explained that as the universal language, music can bridge gaps between those who have opposing views and connect people on a more spiritual level.

“Music is what brings people together. I may not like their politics, we may not agree on a lot but the music is what brings us together. Music is in my blood, it’s what I’m meant to do. It’s a spiritual connection. It’s my connection to my higher power, to God. This is what fulfills me, this is what gives me energy, what gives me life. In all aspects.”

Listen to playlists of Joy Villa’s music HERE: YouTube, Apple Music, Soundcloud or Spotify that include Villa’s #1 Billboard hit “Vagabonds,” one of Villa’s personal favorites “Freedom (You Better Fight For It),” and “Make America Great Again!”

To learn even more about Joy Villa, check out her website:

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